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Our Services

We are proud to be able to offer and vast range of courses and options in different locations. 

The courses we have to offer are limitless with so many programs available with different schools or universities, we would love for you to reach out to us to discuss the best options available to you.

UK boarding and day admissions

Being based in the UK SBUB Group is remarkably familiar with the UK educational systems and we have built relationships with some of the most renowned UK universities and schools. Offering Boarding to EU an international student, as well as far travelling UK students, to make sure you can attend the school of your choosing and still attend the course you wanted.

GCSE And A Level Studies

In the UK GCSE’s are a natural part of the educational system that allow easier access to higher educational opportunities. Many modern job requirements in the UK ask for certain GCSE entry or equivalent. A Levels are one of the first options in further education for UK students. If you are wanting to take the first steps towards future education, such as university, GCSE and A Levels are a good place to start for younger UK students that have not already done so.

International Foundation Programs (IFP)

Do you already have basic education? IFP could be the best starting point for you, creating a pathway to the qualifications you aim to achieve by the end of your further studies. Foundation programs are preparation courses that close the gap between lower level of education and knowledge and that of university degrees. Designed to provide more depth of understanding and skill that can lead onto undergraduate studies. For international student IFP is a good way to align your qualifications to that of the country you are administering to study in.

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate qualifications are not on the same level as a bachelor or master’s degree however can lead on to this standard of study. We want to get you started on your higher education and on our way to obtaining the best degree possible in your field of study, to ensure you can stand out against others, and that you have the knowledge that you need and are expected to have in future related job roles.

English Language Programs

English is one of the world most studied language, with an astonishing 20% of the world’s population also speaking it (that is about 1.5 billion people by the way!). For this reason for our international students, especially those coming to study in the UK we have a wide range of English Language Training courses to ensure that you have a versatile vocabulary that will increase you work prospects and communication skills. Once you start your career you will soon discover that a mutual language for many of the people you meet is going to be English. Being the native language of some of the biggest economically developed countries, we strongly recommend looking into taking one of these courses to ensure you secure your dream position.


These programs provide easier access to postgraduate degrees at university. For international students especially this is a great way to combine different elements into one course, such as an academic subject, study skills and English language training. All of which are very desirable and have been designed to help meet our student’s needs.

Postgraduate Courses

Usually requiring undergraduate qualifications, postgraduate courses are an elevated level of study that starts to really separate you from the crowd. For some careers there is specialist knowledge that you will need to learn, this may require you to take postgraduate courses as they go into far more depth than some other options available.

Professional Training

For career paths such as aviation, medicine, law, mathematics, psychology, accounting, or architecture you will require specific specialised training in that field due to the tasks involved in this type of role. Due to this we do also provide high-quality professional training courses to give you the skills you will require. If you believe that the course you are thinking of taking or the career you have chosen needs professional training please get in contact with us and we will be able to see what options we have available with our partnered schools and universities.

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